About Us

About the founder Fernando L. Krajewski

The founder of The Gamers Mag, Fernando L. Krajewski, is a gaming enthusiast with the vision of sharing knowledge about his passion with like-minded readers worldwide. His passion for computer games dates back to a young age, and he has since dedicated his time to collecting fun facts and information about video games and sharing them with other games. 

Despite being one of the youngest inventors in the gaming industry, Fernando L. Krajewski continues to thrive as one of the revolutionists in the market. He has brought together a team of writers and gaming enthusiasts who actively engage readers and offer the latest news and reviews on video games.

Mission and vision

We have been covering computer games for years. We still strive to continue delivering the best gaming content in terms of news, game reviews, features, esports coverage, and hardware testing. 

Our mission is to deliver industry-best computer game content to our readers and millions of gamers worldwide. 

Our vision is to be a global authority on computer games.