8 Cooking Tips to Feature in a Game Magazine

The enthusiasm among sports lovers is something to love and admire. They appreciate nature and all it’s surrounding.

You also can’t fail to notice the love for the adventure that comes with the discipline. If there is a place marketers can make a kill, then it’s in sports audience.

Game magazines, sports TV channels, radios stations, social media pages are examples of such platforms.

That aside, everyday activities like cooking, washing, cleaning come in handy in this sport. The marketers have a better chance of communicating or advertising their products and getting the right audience with ease.

After a hard day’s work in the field as a sportsman or a spectator, you need time to relax as you enjoy your meal. Don’t you think this is the best time to feature some cooking tips for your target market?

Here are a few tips ideal for such a column in your game magazine.

Use wheat or cornflour to thicken your soup

When you want to have your soup to be very thick, the secret is to cook it with all the ingredients and spices you may wish.

That is the first step, but still, if you don’t get the right viscosity for it, put a little corn or wheat flour in water and add it to your stew.

You’ll love and enjoy the taste. The difference between the two lies in the feeling of what you want at that particular time.

Grate frozen butter for that tender crust for your pastries

The crunchy taste you get from your tea scones and pastry is the game you play with your butter.

When you don’t want to feel the oiliness when making pastry dough, then freeze the butter and grate it to your ingredients; you’ll love the crunchy taste.

Chopped nuts replace bread crumbs

Are you avoiding wheat in your diet as a sportsman? Are you looking for something healthy to marinate your smoked meals?

Do you know chopped nuts are the best replacement for bread cramps? If you had no idea, then now you know. Why nuts in specific?

  • It’s high in fiber
  • Contains protein ideal for healthy weight
  • Reduces bad cholesterol
  • Has valuable nutrients like copper and magnesium
  • It’s an antioxidant

Reduce onion cooking time by adding a little baking soda

Every chef advises you to ensure your onions are cooked until brown; depending on the quality of the onion, they sometimes take time, especially when they are immature.

Do you even have time to wait for them to brown, or are you in a rush to fix a meal and head to bed or watch another game?

There is a solution, add a pinch of baking soda to hasten the process. It will save you time and energy to cook whatever meal.

More juice and flavor come from a whole chicken

Cook whole chicken instead of parts to get all the nutrients. Although the number of people may prompt you only to cook what you need, culinary experts advise otherwise.

It’s the juice that has all the required nutrients. The brown liquid you see after boiling is what you need. However, there is no harm in refrigerating what remains after cooking. It’s never wasted.

Making a lot of broth and freeze for future use

What if you have people who want to enjoy the game together with you? What do you do when you have to make more than two types of stews to accommodate different dietary requirements?

Do you start the process again? No, that shouldn’t be the case. Unless the spices are different, if not, make a lot of broth and freeze.

Your work is to take your meal, add the broth to it, cook for a little time, and have all your meals ready for use. Don’t you think you’ve saved a lot of time and energy?

  • Add a pinch of salt and ginger to soften your meats

It’s as simple as that.

  • Save your energy oven by cooking or freezing several meals

Smoked meals take time and consume a lot of energy; unless you arm yourself with the right cooking tips, you end up not giving your best.

It’s vital to arm yourself with the right advice for cooking. When you decide to use your oven, whether for indoor or outdoor use, then plan and consider what you can cook with the remaining heat.

As the cooling systems, you can use a lot of power when you have few items to freeze, why not put all of them at once and give on energy costs?

  • Invest in the right kitchen tools

As a sports fanatic, you are a social person, and you tend to host guests from time to time. It’s advisable to consider kitchen tools for outdoor use.

The kitchen gadgets are simple yet complicated. For example, a knife for cutting ingredients is a must-have.

It looks like a simple device but very necessary. Most people tend to focus on gadgets for cooking and forget about the ones for handling other supportive functions in the kitchen.

Now that you want an outdoor gathering, it’s essential to also invest in outdoor use tools. A fireplace comes in handy to enhance comfort as you watch the game from your porch during the cold days or nights.

Sports and cooking

Both entertainment and culinary are creative art skills that need cognitive thought to become the best. It explains why most sports lovers love the kitchen. The culinary art skill is a relaxing moment.