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Xbox 360 Falls Behind PS2 in Japan

Sales of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 continue to decline, as the system manages to sell a mere 4,849 units for the week ending March 29.

Just over a month ago the console had managed to sell over 25,000 units across the region, in line with the release of Square Enix’s Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope. By mid march it was discovered, however, that the system’s weekly unit turnover was at 15,000. One week later the console was selling 8,378 units, before falling to 5,441 last week. 
A simple explanation is provided for the current 360 sales slowdown; not a single game in Media Create’s top 50 software chart can play on Microsoft’s console. While that may be the symptom of a wider problem, the 360 has proven it can outsell the competition when exclusive, market-targeted titles jump on board.

The 360’s decline was part of a wider drop in sales across Japan. The DSi sold nearly 14,000 units less than last week; a heavy drop though the handheld managed to keep ahead of the pack. Sony’s PSP followed closely behind, dropping over 10,000 units to reach a weekly turnover of 54,148. 

The Playstation 3 has now outsold Nintendo’s Wii for a fifth successive week. Though Sony’s system had at one stagemanaged to double the Wii’s unit turnover, today the gap between the two is a little more slender. The Wii continues to sit around the 17,000-18,000 mark, but the PS3 has consistently dropped ground and is now only 5,000 units ahead.

Full list for the week ending March 29  according to Media Create:

DSi/ 57,401
PSP/ 54,148
PS3/ 22,825
Wii/ 17,276
DSL/ 8,408
PS2/ 5,246
360/ 4,849

Last week. 
2009  Japanese sales history. 

[via our friends at Edge Magazine]