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Wii 2 Everything you need to know about the Next Wii


We already know a sequel to the Wii is in the works – Nintendo ‘fessed up to that last Summer – but exactly what shape will it take?

We’re hoping that Nintendo will make some giant leaps with the new console, but enough of our hopes for Wii 2.

Join TechRadar in a grubby wade through the filthiest rumour sewers, as we predict which of the many tall tales about the next Wii are the most feasible.

Will the Wii 2 be just a minor revision – smaller, cheaper and no longer old-iPod white?

Nintendo certainly has a worrying tendency towards so-so updates, having released far too many revisions of the Gameboy and DS range that often only superficially alter their design. This time though, it’s very unlikely - Nintendo’s R&D spend climbed from $103m to a giddying $370m between 2006 and 2007, so there’s definitely something big in the pipeline.

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Will the next Wii be high definition? And will it be called Wii HD?

This one’s basically a given. If Nintendo made one oversight with the Wii, it was to settle on standard definition without an HDMI output. Despite the console’s huge success, it still seems incredibly strange given the inevitability of HDTV take up. So, we’re 99.99 per cent confident the next Nintendo console will be HDMI-equipped, outputting at 720p. Given its recent trend towards modestly performing hardware and its audience’s clear contentment with fairly simplistic graphics, full 1080p rendering seems unlikely.

There were even reports from anonymous internal sources last September that the next console will be called simply the Wii HD, and will be roughly analogous to the jump from GameBoy to GameBoy Advance - in other words, the same essential setup, but with a little more poke in the graphical department. This also means there’s scope for both the Wii and the Wii HD to co-exist for a while, so those not fussed about better graphics won’t have to shell out another £200-odd. Look to the continued success of the PlayStation 2 even in the wake of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as proof that old and new can happily coexist.

Will Wii 2 have built-in storage?

Again, more than likely. The first Wii’s SD card support always felt rudimentary and tokenistic, not really designed to keep up with the explosion of downloadable games from the Wii Store - even if it was good for showing digital photos. Nintendo would be mad to throw out all the work done on the Store and the classic games hosted there to date, so some sort of internal drive to bolster its backwards compatibility prowess is almost a necessity. Quite possibly, it’ll be a small, low-power solid state drive rather than an energy-hungry, noisy hard drive – but that depends on the current sky-high price of SSDs coming down enough to be viable. Such a drive could even be built into the controllers to keep the core console cost and size down.

Will it support original Wii games?

Another good bet – having just won a whole new audience, all those casual gamers everyone else is now desperate to capture the hearts of, to the total tune of some 95 million, one thing Nintendo won’t want to do is scare them off. Knowing all their old Wii games will work just fine sweetens the upgrade deal. On the other hand, an optical disc drive is fairly chunky piece of kit – if Nintendo had the stones to move to download-only games, it could potentially make a much sleeker, cheaper console.

The Wii 2 “won’t have a controller at all”

That was Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner’s guess about a future-Wii back in 2007 – “You just set up the cameras around the room and wave your hand like you’re playing tennis.” It sounds a little pie in the sky, but it’s worth restating that key to the Wii’s success is that it’s operated by natural gestures. Expanding on that concept, and requiring nothing more than your own body, thus makes a whole lot of sense. Plus, both Sony and Microsoft have already realised webcam-controlled games for their consoles – the essential tech’s been around for years now.

Other crazy controller theories for a next-gen Wii controller have involved special gloves, motion-tracking body suits or even a head-mounted gadget that responds to facial twitches and brainwave monitoring. This latter is something a few companies have experimented with as a PC game controller – notably OCZ’s Neural Impulse Actuator – so the technology does exist already. Could Nintendo refine it into something mass production-friendly as they did with the WiiMote’s motion sensors?

via [tech radar]

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  • alex said:

    wow is all i can say

  • axel said:

    all i can say is wow

  • Phil said:

    I can't believe that they are going to do that… IT'S AWESOME…
    SONY IS GOING DOWN in 2011, shortly followed by Microsoft, then a cheaper company will rise. Making the original Wii obsolete in gameplay and graphics. Then the sequel will shatter the Wii HD, making Nintendo upgrade their console by making a next generation console. Nintendo and the "said" company will compete for twenty years, Mario will be sluggish until they make S.M.G. 2.
    Then Mario must go and rescue the Princess in a game I believe will be called "Super Mario Universe" followed by "New Super Mario World for Wii HD and ? new system. All of this will probably occur by 2015. Nintendoi is going to take over the world market (again).

  • scott said:

    i hope its brainwaves it would be like the matrix awsome!

  • jeremy said:

    it might not come out that way. well i dont know.

  • Tmandd said:

    I hope it has good online play to compete against Microsoft & Sony.

  • nintendo maniac said:

    The Wii 2 (HD) will be awesome. DVD will be available and also better graphics. The black wii motes that are coming out already have the color down. So it’s only thoughts that the wii will be multicolor, well possibly. Also it’s bundled with the motion plus! I don’t think the design will change all that much nintendo’s little ipod white odd-balled shaped brick is still the sleekest and they more than likely wont want to have a ps2&3 remake and make it sleeker and non-backwards compatible. They should add ‘challenges’ like on the 360, Sony made a update to do it, why can’t nintendo tag along on that idea. Better online play would be better for all of the worlds nintendo ‘crazies’.

  • Rose said:

    Hmm. it's intresting to hear what they could do, although it would be wise to continue to make it backwards compatible… That's about the only reason I haven't bought a DSi yet, is the lack of the GBA slot, which even some add-ons for the DS required… (I don't have Guitar hero… didn't care for it, myself… It was just an issue raised in discussions )

    A friend of mine on a discussion board also mentioned the brainwave monitoring device, and it sounds pretty cool, though I do hope they don't completely do away with controlers for every game and system… Especiall since some games would not be nearly as fun without your "steering wheel" or "sword" or other tangible object….

    Overall, I'm quite excited to hear more about this new system… the wait is making me anxious!

  • Moji said:

    Brainwave monitoring? Wow, that's not going to happen. What would be the point? If you get rid of the controller and just monitor a person's intent, then all platformer games will be won on the first try. Also, what you see on the TV screen won't work as fast as a brain.
    I find it really interesting that Sony and Microsoft are copying motion controls off the Wii, and Nintendo has been quiet and unconcerned this whole time. This does suggest to me that Nintendo has something big up their sleeve. I'm really curious to see where this is headed.

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  • hezz said:

    Wii 2 might turn to a different name because on its previous predecessor, they don't have anything like Super Nintendo 2 or 3. They might come in a different name. Perhaps Super Wii or Wii HD, or it could be anything. I'm getting this Wii, perhaps Q3 this year 2010 before World War 3 shows up. LOL

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