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Turn 10 hilariously shows off its new logo: Forza Watersports

You see that image to the right, friends (#1)? That was the image revealed last week to PortalXbox.com.br during a briefing in São Paulo, Brazil, teasing the assuredly to-be-announced at E3 2009 Forza 3, developed by Turn 10 Studios. It seems as though Turn 10 likes having a little bit of fun with its game reveals though, as the developer has released the full logo (#3), now with more silliness. 

Through the magic of Twitter, Turn 10 linked its followers to “the logo of the new game [it's] working on,” found below in the gallery. What’s weirder is a little poking around in Turn 10’s conversations with others on Twitter reveals another image (#2), though clearer, and this time sans “watersports.” Looks an awful lot like what could be a Forza 3 logo to us. One thing’s for sure: If this game ends up to be for real, we’re going to have an awful lot of egg on our face to wash off. Let’s hope that’s not the case!

Check out the Logos below:


Frist Logo was that was leak of Forza


Forza Watersport Joke 1



Forza Watersport Joke 2



[Via Joystiq]