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L4D2 pre-order sales double of original, says Valve

For all the talk of  30 thousand plus petitions and boycotts over Left 4 Dead 2’s sooner-than-expected release, the game doesn’t seem to be suffering much according to Valve. A Valve representative tells Eurogamer that pre-orders for the sequel are currently double that of the original’s pre-order figures from the same time last year.

Although that sounds very impressive at first sight, we have to remeber that Left 4 Dead didn’t really have its big coming-out party until E3 2008, which as Joystiq points out “technically wouldn’t occur for another two weeks from now”. Nitpicks aside, Valve has already stated that it plans to continue supporting Left 4 Dead with more content. The company expects to announce more DLC near the end of summer and has expressed that people will understand the big L4D picture within a year.


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