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Fewer than 1 in 3 PS3 systems connected to PlayStation Home

According to Peter Edward, director of PlayStation Home for SCEE, PlayStation Home has gained 7 million users worldwide, with 3 million in Europe alone. That certainly sounds like an accomplishment  but with over 21 million PS3s sold worldwide to date, that number reveals that fewer than one third of PS3 systems have connected to Home. That’s a extreemly surprising figure, considering how Edward calls Home “the starting point for PlayStation 3 online.”

The shocking stats reveal that so far PS Home has been a failure, fewer than one third of PS3’s  are currently connected to the service, a number which should be much higher. The slow acceptance of PlayStation Home in the PS3 community’s can be attributed to a number of factors. One of the biggest was a long-delayed launch that was marred by infrequent updates; the service received a mixed response from hardcore gamers, and many others have said it “useless”. Since then, Home has expanded quite significantly, with the promise of more to come. Edward told Gamasutra that we can expect "more games [to] support Game Launch from within Home”; in the future. The service show promise as long as Sony continues to develop it into a truly great experience.

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