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Survey asks if gamers would like a “karma system” in next GTA


Play Insights sent out a survey asking if a karma system should be implemented into the Grand Theft Auto series.

Over on the WiiSpace forums, member Da Ill One posted a screenshot of it, and this is what it read:

Do you think Grand Theft Auto would benefit from having a “karma” system or “good” vs. “evil” actions mechanism that allowed you to choose your overall path by doing good or bad actions, where those actions have an accumulative impact on how the game unfolds? When answering, please consider the idea of being “good” or “evil” and NOT the particular execution / how this feature would be implemented.

Granted this is a survey and does not denote whether Rockstar would include such a feature in the next GTA game, but the thought is still intriguing.

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[via VG247]