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StarCraft II fans petition for LAN support

Following the news that StarCraft II would not support LAN play, requiring all multi-player to be played through an internet connection and Battle.net, fans have set up a petition asking Blizzard to reconsider. The petition currently has 24,936 signature at the time of this writing.

But they’re using the technique of flattery, quite unusual in fan petitions, to get their point across. Here is there quite polite point of view:

“We understand you will be adding amazing new features to Battle.net that you can’t talk about yet,” “the new Battle.net sounds absolutely awesome,” “if what you say is true about Battle.net 2.0, then everyone will want to own a copy of StarCraft II and try out the new Battle.net,” they say, undermining their own argument a little.

“we would still like to be able to play in a traditional network where no internet connection is needed. For an internet connection might not always be available,” they add, using their best reasonable voice. “Please include LAN functionality in your future classic!”

[Via Eurogamer]