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Specs for Zune HD Continue to Leak Out

As  recently  reported Microsoft appears to be getting ready to drop what we have to describe as the last ditch effort to revive the Zune. Microsoft needs to gain some traction on the Zune and privately, sources have told us that the company has been developing something that is supposed to be an iPod Touch/iPhone killer of sorts.
Sources are finally stepping up to the plate with more specifics on what the specs will actually look like for the Zune HD and why you might want to own one.

From many sources understanding, the Zune HD is to feature a 3.6 inch OLED widescreen format display with external HDMI output that will allow streaming direct to your HDMI equipped monitor. The screen itself besides being OLED will be of the multi-touch variety. Sources say  that it will be able to deliver a resolution of 640 x 480 with video at 30 frames per second.



The Zune HD will be available in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 120GB versions. While their have been rumors of a 4GB version as well,  sources clearly say that there will be no 4GB model and before it is all over, Microsoft may choose not to market the 8GB version either. From many sources understanding all of the storage will in fact be flash memory and not use a hard drive. The Zune HD will not offer SD memory card support as have been suggested by some sources.

The battery life is expected to be in the range of about 30+ for audio and around 5+ hours for video which puts it in the same league on battery life as the iPod Touch. The Zune HD will feature a new revamped interface with some new bells and whistles to make use of all of the video and CPU horsepower offered by this updated model.

Sources tell us that Microsoft is targeting the launch for the Zune HD for November 14th which will put it on retailer shelves in time for the holiday season. Pricing remains an unknown at this time.


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