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Sony Expects Metal Gear Solid Rising On PS3 At Launch


Sony’s head of marketing for the PS3 confirmed that the next console Metal Gear Solid is not an Xbox 360 exclusive or even a timed one.

Despite the game being announced by Hideo Kojima at Monday’s Microsoft press conference, Peter Dille, Sony’s head of marketing for PlayStation in the U.S., told Kotaku today that the expected hit will also be available for his customers promptly. “Look forward to playing it on a PS3,” he said when we ask if it was a Microsoft exclusive.

Asked if he expected that PS3 owners would be playing Metal Gear Solid Rising on the same day the game comes out on the Xbox 360, Dille said, “Yes, that’s correct.”

Dille also used the question to draw what he sees as a distinction between Sony and its competitors. “I think the difference between our approach in our press conference and our competitors’ is that our focus is on exclusive content,” Dille said. “When a third party comes on our stage, it’s because they have something for our audience that is exclusive. And so whether it’s the Assassin’s Creed demo where Assassin’s Creed [2] might be cross platform, what we’re doing with the [weapon-unlocking] functionality between the PS3 and the PSP is a point of difference.”

I think we can clearly said thayt the Metal gear solid frnachise have not adbonded it Sony fans.

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