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Rumored GH Van Halen Achievements List Leaked

Activision still hasn’t confirmed the existence of Guitar Hero Van Halen, despite both internal leaks and a German ratings board listing appear to have let that cat out of the bag months ago. And if this latest rumor turns out to be true, then we have the most solid evidence yet — Destructoid reports they’ve gotten hold of the Achievements that’ll appear in the Xbox 360 version of Guitar Hero Van Halen, which may offer the first details of what to expect from the game.

It’s worth noting first that Destructoid doesn’t give any indication of where this Achievement list comes from, only assuring that they “have every reason to believe” it’s legitimate. So read on, but consider this still very much a rumor for now.

According to this list of Achievements, we know at least five songs that would be included in the game — one Achievement specifically names “Little Guitars,” “Cathedral,” “Spanish Fly,” and “Eruption.” And the names of three other Achievements at least suggest that “Runnin’ with the Devil,” “Ain’t Talking About Love,” and “Jump” will be included as well.

A list of virtual venues is also revealed, as various Achievements offer points for completing gigs in West Hollywood, Dallas, The Netherlands, Los Angeles, Rome, Berlin, and New York City. And yet other Achievements reveal specialty Van Halen instruments can be unlocked in the game, including Eddie Van Halen’s Frankenstein guitar.

You can see the full list of Achievements below, but again, keep in mind the veracity of this list is still up in the air. But considering how many rumors keep swirling around this game, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Activision confirm it soon, most likely at E3 this June.

  • Have You Seen His Grades? 5 GP (Complete a tutorial level)
  • It’s Alive 5 GP (Unlock Eddie’s Frankenstein guitar)
  • Ouch! 5 GP (Create a custom tattoo)
  • Intruder 10 GP (Complete the career intro)
  • Van Halen 10 GP (Complete a career on Beginner, Band or Solo)
  • Every Band Wants Some! 10 GP (Complete a song with the full band, 4 player band)
  • They Ran With The Devil 10 GP (All band members get a 50 note streak at the same time)
  • Somebody Get Them a Doctor 10 GP (Hit 100% of the notes in a song as a band)
  • Atomic Power Punk 10 GP (All band members activate star power at the same time)
  • Hung High 10 GP (All band members earn 8x multiplier at the same time)
  • EVH 10 GP (Unlock all of the Van Halen instruments)
  • The Broken Combs 15 GP (Complete a gig in West Hollywood)
  • Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Dallas 15 GP (Complete a gig in Dallas)
  • Far Away Lands 15 GP (Complete gigs in London and The Netherlands)
  • The Space Brothers 15 GP (Complete gigs in Los Angeles and Rome)
  • Van Halen II 15 GP (Complete a career on Easy)
  • Jump 15 GP (Complete all Van Halen songs)
  • Rock Out Big Cities 20 GP (Complete gigs in Berlin and New York City)
  • Unchained 20 GP (Unlock all Van Halen characters)
  • Women and Children First 25 (Complete a career on Medium)
  • Fair Warning 35 (Complete a career on Hard)
  • The Tour is Ending 35 GP (Complete a majority of the gigs)
  • Diver Down 45 GP (Complete a career on Expert)
  • 1984 55 GP (complete a career on Expert+)
  • The Wood Shed 60 GP (5 star guitar for ‘Little Guitars,’ ‘Cathedral,’ ‘Spanish Fly,’ and ‘Eruption’ on Expert)
  • 316 65 GP (5 Star all Van Halen songs on Bass Career)
  • Diamond in the Rough (5 Star all Van Halen songs on Vocal Career on Expert)
  • Double Bass Master 75 (5 Star all Van Halen songs on Drum Career)
  • Guitar God 100 GP (5 Star all Van Halen songs on Guitar Career) expert
  • 5150 100 GP (Complete all Van Halen songs on every instrument)

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