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Microsoft Job Listing Hints at Mobile Halo project, Possible New Game

Joystiq was recently looking through the job listing at CareerBuilder.com found themselves colliding directly with the enormously popular franchise of Halo on CareerBuilder.com, albeit under the auspices of Halo license-owner Microsoft. Apparently the company is seeking folks who not only love Halo but also love “building scalable online infrastructure and websites for large and passionate audiences.

Rumored PS Store Content for 04/09/09

This week our Rumored PS Store Content, doesn’t have much rumored content at all. So much has been confirmed this week that there wasn’t much left for the rumored section. So instead this week is more of a preview of what’s to come on tomorrows PS Store update. In this week’s update, we have a couple games, and some interesting DLC coming. Lets take a look.