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Rumor: Team ICO’s Project Trico Video

A video of what is allegedly ‘Project Trico,’ the third game from developer Team Ico, has surfaced on rumor-site PlayStation LifeStyle. We’ve no idea when the video was made, but it shows off almost four minutes of footage from the game. The art style is very similar to Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, particularly the environment and character design, which lends credence to the idea that this is an official video.

Team ICO is led by famed game designer Fumito Ueda.   Ueda, being scheduled to speak at this years GDC back in March, had fans awaiting some type of announcement.  However nothing was shown.  When Ueda was asked about the upcoming project, he only had this to say to the media:

The Japan studio bosses are here so I can’t say anything specific, but it might be something similar to what’s been done. … The essence of the game is rather close to ‘Ico.
- Fumito Ueda, Team ICO, GDC 2009

Before this new video, only one image that has been released about Team ICO’s next game is a single image of a chain hanging down what appears to be a well.  Today PlayStation Life Style has help lift the curtain off of this project a bit and shed new light on what Fumito Ueda has been up to these past few years and as you will see, it is rather close to ICO.

This is very early footage the next game from Team ICO.  As with most early footage you can expect graphical enhancements for the final product.  Some of these elements, such as the main character, or scenarios you see here may not make the final cut.

Watch PlayStation LifeStyle exclusive video below:



[Via PlayStation LifeStyle]