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Rumor: Sky Player coming to Xbox 360 in the UK

UK broadsheet  The Guardian may have leaked confirmation of a content partnership between Microsoft and Sky to allow TV access through Xbox 360 in the UK. Reports say that the Sky Player will work like the BBC’s own iPlayer, offering video on demand and live TV, this according to a screenshot of the Guardian’s story taken before it was pulled. The story is backed up by a tweet from the BBC’s technology correspondent who says he was at a Microsoft event “where the firm is unveiling a TV content partner.

Emphasis seems to be on sport, as Sky has arguably the best sports coverage in the country. The story states 360 owners will also be able to access interactive leaderboards and news through the service. Cool right, Microsoft will probably announce the plains for the service at E3. Unfortunately, users will need a Sky subscription, which for sports is around £34 a month. Which if you take the into account the Live fee, can end up to being quite  an expansive service per year. This is might be Microsoft’s way of answering the PS3 brilliant PlayTV.

[Thanks to Joystiq reader, Liam]

[Via Joystiq]