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Red Faction: Guerrilla PC version delayed, coming ‘during this summer’


Though the console-bound versions of  THQ’s upcoming liberation sim Red Faction: Guerrilla will be hitting store shelves in a week and some change, the though PC version has been delay. We received tips pointing us to a few online retailers who had listed the game’s launch date as August 25 , almost three months later than the drop date for the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the title.

Joystiq has contacted THQ to see if the PC version of Guerrilla would really be delay for about three months. A representative responded “indeed, the RFG PC sku will be a little late,” and that the game would “ship during this summer.”  We’ll let you know when we hear a firm release date from THQ , and for good measure, Joystiq was also kindenough to contacted Reactor Zero (the folks porting the shooter to PC) to find out what the deal with the hold-up is. We will keep you posted, when we have more news.

[Via Joysiq]