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God of War Collection to include God of War III demo

Sony has announced via the PlayStation blog that the God of War Collection, due to hit store shelves in November, will include a download voucher for the E3 demo of Sony’s epic exclusive, God of War III. They …

Batman: Arkham Asylum demo to be release Aug. 7

Eidos has announced that the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum will release this week Friday, August 7. The demo will be available on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC game platforms. The game demo is set to …

Sony: Expect bigger, better PSN around Spring 2010

Sir Howard Stringer has really big plans for PSN, commenting that as long as PSN is tied solely to the PS3, the network would never be able to reach its full potential. It’s set to reach …

Fewer than 1 in 3 PS3 systems connected to PlayStation Home

According to Peter Edward, director of PlayStation Home for SCEE, PlayStation Home has gained 7 million users worldwide, with 3 million in Europe alone. That certainly sounds like an accomplishment  but with over 21 million …

Sony: Downloadable PSP titles will average around 700MB

Since the announcement of the all-digital PSP Go system, many consumers might be wondering just how much space they will need to set aside for each future downloadable title. Sony representative Al de Leon spoke to Joystiq …

PSN release of Final Fantasy VII downloaded over 100,000 times

The PSN re-release of Final Fantasy VII has been downloaded over 100,000 times in two weeks, making it the fastest-selling PS1 download on the PSN so far. If a simple digital re-release can garner these kinds …

A ‘majority’ of back catalog PSP games available to download Oct. 1, all first party titles thereafter

Sony has confirmed that “just about” every PSP game releasing after October 1 ,the release date of the PSP Go, would be available for download. PlayStation Blog’s Jeff Rubenstein stated on Sunday(via gaming blog Destructoid) that he couldn’t speak about the availability of third party titles at that time.

Sony’s Lempel: ‘You’re not going to see trophies on the PSP’

With the one-year anniversary of Sony’s Trophy system this month, the good guys over at Joystiq were eager to learn how Sony could enhance the current offering of the service, leveraging the PlayStation brand and distancing itself from the Xbox 360′s Achievements system. So, during E3 last week, Joystiq asked Eric Lempel (Director of PlayStation Network Operations) when Trophies would make their way to the PSP. Lempel said, bluntly, “You’re not going to see Trophies on the PSP.”

PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included

According to Jake Osuwah, a Sony PR spokemen, a new update for the PS3 will be release soon. Sources speculate that it will likely arrive some time during E3 or a short time after, as VidZone is coming soon. He doesn’t mention if it is a firmware update, or something that will be in a PS Store update.

Latest info for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

In the latest Full Moon Show podcast from Insomniac Games, it was revealed that the game is nearing its alpha stage of the development cycle and will be at E3 2009. Furthermore, internal play testing has already begun. The level, Krell Canyon, will be shown at the convention.