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EU Commission proposal wants two-year guarantee for games

European game developers are outrage about a recent EU Commission proposal that, if approved, would require devs to abide by the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive, a rule that mandates “a minimum 2-year guarantee on tangible movable consumer goods.” While this guarantee sounds great for us the consumers, Dr. Richard Wilson, head of game developer advocacy group Tiga, is worried it may “stifle new ideas as [developers] could end up just playing it safe.” Basically they are worried that many of us might take advantage of it.

Guitar Hero 5 is coming, lets you rock to 4 drumsets

You should already know Guitar Hero 5 is coming. The new game offers the ability to create any combination of rock you want. Three microphones and one guitar? Go right ahead. Two drummers and two guitars? No problem. Four drummers? You should already know the answer.

PS3 and PSP Dominate Japan

DSi and Wii continue to remain behind Sony hardware.

The Beatles: Rock Band guitars confirmed, pre-order club announced

MTV Games and Harmonix have announced The Beatles: Rock Band will have two standalone guitars made available alongside the forthcoming Liverpudlian music rhythm game. The Rickenbacker 325 and Gretsch Duo Jet, played by John Lennon and George Harrison allegedly throughout their respective careers, are set to go on sale when the game launches in September for $100 bucks a pop.

Japanese hardware sales, April 20 - April 26, PS3 sales fall

After a week of extremely high PS3 Sales, it looks like the ride is finally over, the high of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children finally ran of steam, and sales are a bit back to normal, but the PS3 still continues to out sale the Wii but by a smaller margin. I still guess many Sony fans will continue to be happy. But on the bright side Wii, PSP, and PS2 sales pick up for the week.

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits unveils Guitar Hero III tracks

Activision has unveil some more Guitar Hero: Smash Hits tracks, but once again they release another short list of tracks to be included in GH: Smash Hits — this week from Guitar Hero III. They also release some new in-game images of the game. The game is set to release June 26, 2009 on the PS3, PS2, 360, and Wii.

MotorStorm: Arctic Edge Hands-On

Sony’s MotorStorm series is making the move to the PSP and PlayStation 2 later this year, trading in sun, sea, and sand for the freezing snow, with MotorStorm: Arctic Edge, Bigbig Studios frenzied frosty sequel.

Hands-on: SingStar Wireless Microphones

There’s nothing more aggravating than fancying a quick game of SingStar and having to face ten minutes of untangling cables, only to find that the wire doesn’t stretch back to your favourite armchair. The situation’s made considerably worse when you’re under the influence which, if you’re anything like us, you will be when dabbling with SingStar.