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Metal Gear Solid Dated, Priced For PlayStation Store Metal Gear Solid Dated, Priced For PlayStation Store

Konami has annouce that the original Metal Gear Solid is coming to the PlayStation Store as a “PS one Classic,” playable on the PSP and PlayStation 3. The Hideo Kojima epic will arrive at the PS one Classic premium price of $9.99 USD on June 18th.

PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included

According to Jake Osuwah, a Sony PR spokemen, a new update for the PS3 will be release soon. Sources speculate that it will likely arrive some time during E3 or a short time after, as VidZone is coming soon. He doesn’t mention if it is a firmware update, or something that will be in a PS Store update.

Latest info for Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time

In the latest Full Moon Show podcast from Insomniac Games, it was revealed that the game is nearing its alpha stage of the development cycle and will be at E3 2009. Furthermore, internal play testing has already begun. The level, Krell Canyon, will be shown at the convention.

PlayStation Store Update 5/21/09 PlayStation Store Update 5/21/09

It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update. inFamous fans should celebrate because today is the day where you can download the demo for inFamous.

Fight Night Round 4 demo dated, PS3 coming soon

EA has dated the Fight Night Round 4 demo, that means that you can start putting your boxing gloves on. Everyone who pre-ordered the game from GameStop will be able to download the demo on PSN and XBL starting today. Everyone else however will have to wait a bit, June 4th to exact.

Rumored PS Store Content for 05/14/09

Confirmed content for this week is pretty non existent. However what has been confirmed for this week is an exciting offering, mainly due to Zen Pinball. Texas Cheat Em will also pleased the poker fans. Of course there is the weekly Rock Band and Guitar Hero DLC to look forward to. A PSP game is expected this week, as Sony makes more PSP games available as a digital download.

Sony’s Stringer discusses PlayStation Network’s “open” expansion beyond PS3

The PlayStation Network has come a long way since its inception back in late 2006. At first, it wasn’t a major focal point for Sony in pushing the PS3 forward, but since then things have changed immensely. “We developed brand new, absolutely incredible technology for the PlayStation 3, but the cost was high. We’ve adopted a slightly different approach now, and are evolving the PS3 into a platform for web services,” said Sony Corp. head Howard Stringer, speaking in an interview with Nikkei Electronics Asia.

Battlefield 1943 will cost only $ 15

Each game fanatic who likes online gaming, and shooters Battlefield next month can enjoy the latest offspring of the Battlefield series: Battlefield 1943. The games developed by DICE and published by EA are always a success. This new game is only on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and XBLA and only $ 15. Translated for European markets is that only € 11.20.

Enormous Update Coming to PlayStation Home

The PlayStation blog has announce an enormous update to home comming youy way. Locust_Star here dropping in to give you the straight truth on what new goodies to expect in PlayStation Home this week. Simply put, this is one of the biggest content updates in the history of Home and i bet you can’t wait to get your hangs on it. It bring a slew of new features.