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Pachter: WiiHD still coming, Xbox in third by 2015

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has paints the future for all three console manufacturers. Pachter predict that the Wii will win this console battle easily. He then goes on to say that the PS3 will take the second stop thanks to Blu-ray and the 360 to come in last due to it difficulties overseas.

First up is Nintendo, a company that Pachter believes will remain in the top spot throughout this console generation. Due to the Wii’s “low price point, innovative control mechanism, and compatibility with standard definition televisions.” Pachter thinks that Nintendo will rest very easy atop the gaming mountain,  and he thinks the Wii HD has a large part in it, as Pachter firmly believes Nintendo will introduce a HD-compatible Wii at some point, even as early as next year. Shocking right!

Then there’s last console generation winner Sony and its PlayStation 3. Pachter points to Sony’s win in the Blu-ray vs HD DVD war, he goes on to says the PS3 will capture “significant market share” through this alone, and says the company will take second place. Regardless, Pachter sees the PS3 and Xbox 360 sharing very similar market share at the conclusion of this generation. 

Moving on to Microsoft and its 360, Pachter believes the company will end this generation in third, largely due to the console’s inability to sell in Japan. Go figure right ? Pachter downplays the “losing” angle, however, stating that he believes Microsoft will sell twice as many Xbox 360s as the company did the original Xbox, which, granted it actually happens and it defiantly looks like it possible, would be a nice feather in Microsoft’s large cap. Microsoft word this console generation will be progress.

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