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Pachter apologizes for comments about PSP Go’s rip-off price

Michael Pachter has stated he “sincerely” regrets commenting that Sony is ripping off consumers with the PSP Go’s $250 price point. In an interview with IndustryGamers, Pachter takes the opportunity at the end to retract previous statement and to say that he doesn’t believe Sony is doing anything nefarious, and has “the right to price its products at a point that they think is competitive.” He states the company is pricing the handheld to be competitive with the iPod Touch and that the PSP Go “arguably has much more value than the Apple product.”

It seems Pachter previous statements were a little more on the ball with the consumer’s perspective of the PSP Go’s pricing. Past Pachter noted, “The $169 PSP-3000 is a profitable device — the disc assembly, for a UMD, costs more than 16 gigs of flash does. So this new device doesn’t cost them as much as the PSP-3000 and they jack the price up $80?” “It seems Past Pachter was viewing the product through consumer eyes, while Present Pachter is in business mode and wearing the glasses of the Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter.”

[Via Joystiq]