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Nintendo has no plans for black Wii in US

Nintendo has announce that it has no plans to release other colors of Wii in the US,  including the incredibly sleek black Wii launching in Japan on August 1. A Nintendo rep informed GameDaily of the news …

Pachter: Wii price drop coming before the holiday

Michael Pachter is now predicting a Wii price drop later this year. He notes that “Wii supply has finally exceeded demand,” and that he “expect[s] Nintendo to cut the price of the Wii before [the] holiday.” If …

New SCEE head thinks Wii owners will eventually ‘upgrade’ to PS3

The new president of SCEE, Andrew House, isn’t wasting any time taking over the reins from David Reeves. Only beening in his new office for only a little over a month, House is already making daring statements, telling Edge-Online that he believes Wii owners will eventually ‘upgrade’ to PS3.

No More Heroes 2 Lets You Wield the Double Beam Katana

More No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle info has come out today via Famitsu. The game was briefly tease at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. This week’s Famitsu revealed a few more details on the game. In Desperate Struggle, Travis learns the art of dual beam katana wielding.

New Nintendo hardware coming when the company finds a “very interesting idea” New Nintendo hardware coming when the company finds a “very interesting idea”

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, speaking to a sharp-tongued investor during the company’s quarterly financial results briefing question and answer session. When asked about the longevity of the current Nintendo hardware on the market, Iwata said, “As soon as a new hardware is completed and introduced to the market, a team is established within the company which starts reviewing what the next hardware will be.”

Bethesda trademarks “Brink”

Bethesda’s parent company, ZeniMax, has filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for new project called Brink. Brink could be the secret Wii game, the E3 reveal from Splash Damage or that MMO the company is working on.

Activision: Tony Hawk Ride still multiplatform in UK Activision: Tony Hawk Ride still multiplatform in UK

VG247 managed to get a more definitive answer out of Activision, as the company admits the game will be multiplatform in the UK, despite reports to the contrary. An Activision spokesperson said, “We apologise for the confusion caused by this morning’s mail out and we would be grateful if you could update your coverage to reflect the correct details above.” So, UK gamers, expect Tony Hawk Ride to be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii, as previously reported.

EU Commission proposal wants two-year guarantee for games

European game developers are outrage about a recent EU Commission proposal that, if approved, would require devs to abide by the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive, a rule that mandates “a minimum 2-year guarantee on tangible movable consumer goods.” While this guarantee sounds great for us the consumers, Dr. Richard Wilson, head of game developer advocacy group Tiga, is worried it may “stifle new ideas as [developers] could end up just playing it safe.” Basically they are worried that many of us might take advantage of it.

Guitar Hero 5 is coming, lets you rock to 4 drumsets

You should already know Guitar Hero 5 is coming. The new game offers the ability to create any combination of rock you want. Three microphones and one guitar? Go right ahead. Two drummers and two guitars? No problem. Four drummers? You should already know the answer.