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New Screens of Gearbox’s of Borderlands Shows a New “Look”


Gearbox Software’s Borderlands has a new look,  just don’t call it cel-shaded. It’s “concept art style” and it looks approximately one bazillion times more attractive than when we first lay eyes on the role-playing shooter.

You may have already seen Borderlands new look in action, whether it be in PC Gamer or from teaser shots promoting that issue. But now you can see the 2K Games-published spectacular how it was meant to be seen—on a computer monitor at a blistering and eye popping 72 dots per inch.

The PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 game looks just swell with its new black lines, an art style that Gearbox president Randy Pitchford explains once again.

“Since the story broke, the response to Borderlands we’ve felt has been overwhelming and I cannot thank everyone enough for the support of the game they’ve shown,” Pitchford states. “We realize that curiosity about Borderlands is pretty high and so we’re releasing more screenshots today that we hope you enjoy. We are excited to show more about the game soon. Thanks again for your support.”

Alright, maybe that wasn’t an explanation. It’s just a statement. But look at how good that labia-faced monster looks now with the new style!

Check out the new screens below:


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