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New Nintendo hardware coming when the company finds a “very interesting idea”

According to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, speaking to a sharp-tongued investor during the company’s quarterly financial results briefing question and answer session. When asked about the longevity of the current Nintendo hardware on the market, Iwata said, “As soon as a new hardware is completed and introduced to the market, a team is established within the company which starts reviewing what the next hardware will be.”

He claims entire hardware pieces have been scrapped in favor of finding a “very interesting idea that can make people all over the world to feel like purchasing [it],” rather then releasing things from the past. Interestingly enough, the man also admits to lacking Japanese third-party support for Wii, saying, “Nintendo thought that the situation would change in about two years after launch [for the Wii and third party software support] …..While our assumption turned out to be correct with the portable system, it did not progress as we anticipated for the domestic home console market.” But actually when you take into effect the amount of third party publishers that were developing for the Wii at the console launch it has improve, greatly improve.


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