Some users have been experiencing problems using the latest version of Microsoft’s Family Safety Filter, which has been blocking access to none other than Google.

“I saw that part of the brand new Windows Live package is theFamily Safety Filter,” notes Slashdot poster mike.rimov

“So I decided to give it a spin.Turned it on, set it to ‘basic filtering’ (their lowest level), and went to Google … oops, it blocks Google!

“So I logged into the settings and added Google as an exception. Google still wouldn’t come up. Just in case, I turned off the family filter: voila, Google.

“As we all know, ‘Don’t be evil’ is not part of Microsoft’s motto! Oh yeah — and with the filter on, Microsoft’s own search engine, comes up.”

Intentional blocking?

Which raises the question - is Microsoft, intentionally or not blocking Google? Conspiracy theorists opt for the former, while pragmatists err towards the latter.

“This is a classic filter issue, and a prime example of why using filters like this is a retarded waste of time,” adds Slashdot user BitZtream.

“The real solution is to realise that the person you’re trying to prevent from seeing stuff on the internet is going to find a way to look at it anyway. If you’re doing this to stop kids from looking at something then you better keep them locked in a basement cause they’ll just go somewhere else to find what they want. You can bet one of their friends doesn’t have a porn blocker.”

“The solution to these problems for parents is to actually be a parent and remember that YOU are responsible for your children. Not Microsoft, not thecomputer, not your ISP, not the Internet, YOU.”

You can check out Microsoft’s own site for more on Microsoft’s Family Safety Filter