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New Max Payne 3 Screens Show Max in Action

Max Payne 3 features “drastic changes in setting and character design,” in Rockstar Games’ own words. We think these new screen shots of Max Payne 3 perfectly illustrate how drastic those changes are. The new Max is not only older but carries numerous scars to show the many battles he has been through.

If you haven’t already seen the new Max Payne, it clear that this max is drastically different. Max’s struggles with baldness and adult-onset beer gut. Mr. Payne clearly has the triceps to double-wield a pair of almost any weapon and a carefree wardrobe perfect for thrilling bullet time dives.

For a half-dozen shots of Max Payne 3 in action, check out the gallery below. We will have more info on Rockstar Vancouver’s Xbox 360 and PlayStation shooter soon. Comment below and tell us what you think of the new Max!

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