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Major Nelson: Xbox 360 guide faster after next update

Xbox Live spokesman Major Nelson said on his show this week that the next update for the 360 would increase the speed of the guide. “Whatever we call it (and it’s not going to be called the NNXE), but whatever the next version of the dashboard is called, it’s better with a lot of very cool new features,” he said. “That update will be out later this year.”  We figure that the update will probably be release during the fall, right before the Christmas shopping season.

Speaking in his latest podcast, the Major confirmed: “We are making the guide faster,” and that he’s been “intimately involved” in it development, being such an active user and all. 

“The team has done some really good stuff around making performance enhancements,” he said, adding: “‘Performance enhancements’ doesn’t sound right because it sounds like we’re going to give the guide a little blue pill, and we’re not doing that.” I think this new talk about a major update bring up an interesting question to our viewers: what updates would you still like to see to the dashboard? No matter how crazy we want to hear them! Comment below!

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