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LittleBigPLanet Getting Web-Based Level Sharing Portal


Sharing LittleBigPlanet levels with your friends and strangers will soon be a lot easier, with a web-based portal on the way that will allow players to queue up levels using a handy web link. Media Molecule is hard at work creating a portal that will allow players to share their creations with a custom URL.

At the moment, sharing a LittleBigPlanet level involves giving other players your PlayStation Network handle and then having them search in-game for the particular level you wished to share. Well that inconvenience will soon be a thing of the past. Speaking to 1UP at the Nordic Game Conference this week, Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans explained that the soon to be launched portal will allow players to share their creations with a custom URL.

“Rather than going on forums and saying, ‘Please search for my level,’ you can just say, ‘Here’s a link.’” 

Clicking on the link will send the level to a queue, which will download the next time you start up the game.

The portal will also feature leaderboards, pictures, and level comments, with an application programming interface that will allow users to create custom LittleBigPlanet applications.

Not only is the ability to share levels via links great for players, it’s also perfect for gaming blogs that wish to share particular creative levels with their readers. Now i know this is great news for all of us, Can’t wait for it to be release!

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