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Kojima countdown site reveals ‘MASK’

Kojima Productions “NEXT” teaser site have begun to reveal a bit more of the mystery. Glimpses of more letters and what appears to be a image of Raiden begun to materialize as the 90 hour mark approaches, but clicking on the studio’s eerily morphing logo now takes visitors to a  site for “MASK.”

On the new site a mask appears, slowly revealing a ghastly female face. The accompanying music only serves to make the whole thing awhole lot creepier. It seem to me that is yet another new project, maybe the rumor is true, Kojima meant be working on two titles. a tile which might be wholly separate from what the studio is doing on the Metal Gear front. We will probably get more news on this at E3 09. We will have you cover.
Image of Raiden after the break and the ghastly female face:



[Via Joystiq]