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Killzone 2 ‘Flash and Thunder’ pack dated June 11

The second map pack for Killzone 2 has just been announced by Sony. The “Flash and Thunder” pack contains two Killzone 1 level remakes. The remakes are Beach Head, in which you’re tasked with resisting a Helghast invasion force on a coastal stronghold, and The Southern Hills, in which it’s the ISA’s turn to invade a Helghast hilltop compound. Now i know many of the hardcore Killzone 1 fans are out there, celebrating. These are two really great maps. 
Sony has also has not mention prices yet, but you can expect to see this new pack make its way to the PlayStation Network store on June 11.

Screenshots of the new maps below:



Here is the full press release:


Second downloadable Killzone®2 Map Pack announced

Fight your way down memory lane with the Flash and Thunder Pack: two original Killzone® maps remade for PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™)

London, 20th May 2009: The next wave of downloadable content for Killzone®2 on PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) has now been announced. Prepare for a literal blast-from-the-past in the form of the Flash and Thunder Pack: a download from PlayStation®Store featuring the Beach Head and Southern Hills maps. They’re two of the best maps from the original Killzone® for PlayStation®2 – now completely remade for PS3, overflowing with brutal combat between the ISA and the merciless Helghast and offering gamers even more ways to play the first-person shooter that everyone’s talking about.

The Beach Head map sees the ISA tasked with defending a coastal stronghold against a Helghast landing force. This rain-lashed and windswept battlefield is limited in size – which means more action, more hand-to-hand combat, plenty of sneaking up on the enemy and melee kills galore. The Southern Hills map sees the ISA attempting to storm a Helghast compound on top of a hill. A mixture of built-up terrain and wide open spaces – perfect for headshot sniper kills – this map is full of hiding places and offers the perfect battlefield for a large-scale game with lots of players.

The Flash and Thunder Pack is the second awesome instalment of downloadable extra content for Killzone 2 on PS3 and will arrive in PlayStation®Store on (11th of June 2009). To find out more, please contact your local PR manager.

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