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Apple Snags Former Xbox European Xbox Operations Exec

Apple has picked up Richard Teversham, a senior Executive from Microsoft’s European Xbox operations, ending his 15 years of service to Redmond. Some press accounts assume that Teversham’s role may lie in beefing up the games scene on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Apple is trying to work it way in the cutthroat arena of video games, the growing popularity of iPhone and iPod Touch software and some executive poaching from the ranks of Microsoft’s Xbox division might suggest the gadget specialist is looking to extend the gaming reach of its handheld platforms

BlackBerry Curve outsells iPhone: according to research group

Research in Motion Ltd’s BlackBerry Curve moved past Apple Inc’s iPhone in the first quarter to become the best-selling consumer smartphone in the U.S., research group NPD said on Monday.

Mobile Gaming Gaining in Popularity as New POPCAP Survey Finds 57 Percent of AT&T Wireless Customers Game With Wireless Devices

A new study had been release today which has found that 57 percent of AT&T Wireless customers play mobile games on there phones. Something tells me that the IPhone has a extremely large part in this, I’m sure the app store has pretty much revolutionize mobile gaming.

Blizzard sends a C&D to Warcraft Characters, other iPhone apps

The good news is that Blizzard may be planning to do more with the iPhone. But that where it ends the bad news for developers is that they’re apparently trying to squelch useful iPhone apps that are out there right now. They’ve already sent out cease-and-desist orders to two Warcraft-related iPhone apps that were charging money (Armory Browser and the Warcraft Arena Calculator), and now we’ve heard from its creator that Warcraft Characters has gotten the C&D treatment as well.

New iPhone to feature video recording, editing according to sources

As easy as using a Flip camera, according to sources. Sources speaking to Business Week have confirmed that a major focus of the new iPhone will be on video recording, and elements of iMovie will be ported to the iPhone OS to allow easy video editing.

BioWare: Mass Effect for iPhone is ’side story,’ series ‘branching out’

BioWare has broken its silence over last month’s obviously unintended reveal of an iPhone / iPod Touch Mass Effect game via an online survey. Community coordinator Chris Priestly has confirmed that Mass Effect: Jacob’s Story is “not a hoax or fake story” via the series’ official forums. Priestly goes on to clear up some details concerning the title.


AT&T is now offering refurbished models of the 16GB iPhone 3G for $149 with a new two-year contract. That’s $50 less than the previous price, so head over, check out a Iphone and save yourself a few bucks if you’re so inclined.

Leaked AT&T doc slams the Palm Pre

Enter this internal document from the iPhone carrier exposing the Palm phone for what it really is — a second-rate claptrap that is doomed to failure because of its inferior and stupid design. Among the highlights in this no-holds-barred slamfest — similar to this Verizon / G1 hit piece — is the comparison between WiFi (somehow the Pre has “limited WiFi access” because it can’t connect for free in Starbucks), and the nasty burn which points out that the Pre is available “in black only.”