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Infinity Ward denies Call of Duty subscription rumors

According to an alleged Activision survey, a paid Call of Duty service would “enhance the multiplayer experience and provide exclusive access to a group of gameplay enhancements”. With rumors pointing to a Call of Duty subscription service under consideration at Activision Blizzard, developer Infinity Ward shot down those rumors as soon as possible.

The company’s community manager, Robert Bowling, noted on the developer’s forum, “This rumor has absolutely nothing to do with Infinity Ward or our games, including Modern Warfare 2. We would never introduce such a system for Modern Warfare 2 so don’t worry. Multiplayer will always be equal and free for everyone as always.”

The survey, allegedly sent out by Activision, asked “how likely” players would be to purchase or subscribe to a system that provides “new in-game content like map packs and betas,” and “team-management services.”

[Via Joystiq]