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First screenshots of Killzone 2 Steel & Titanium pack

Some new screenshots for Killzone 2’s Steel and Titanium map pack were release this morning. The DLC’s the first for the game, and is expected to be release on April 30.

Sony confirms that Killzone 2 DLC will NOT be free

The website that originally reported on the upcoming Killzone 2 map pack being a free download, has corrected its story. The news item now says Sony Computer Entertainment contacted Tweakers.net, stating the DLC will in fact NOT be free, but will cost a still unknown amount of money.

GameTrailers gives sneak peek at Killzone 2 DLC New Map Pack

The first map pack, called “Steel and Titanium” will feature two maps, one set on the ISA tech cruiser “New Sun” and featuring more vertical gameplay, and one aboard two Helghast freight trains that can be leapt between, if you’re willing to endanger yourself with all the environmental hazards around.