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Kojima Teaser Site Reveals Date April 2007

The Kojima Production teaser website site, which is rumored to be for the next Metal Gear Solid game which stars Raiden or possibly a Metal Gear 5, has recently been updated to have lightning, a countdown, and a flashing 5. It has now been discovered that when the lightning flashes on the screen the date “April 2007″ can clearly be seen at the bottom of the screen.

Team Fortress 2: Meet The Spy Video

A video called “Meet The Spy” was leaked today showing Team Fortress 2 Spy class game play. You can check out the below video after the break.

EU Commission proposal wants two-year guarantee for games

European game developers are outrage about a recent EU Commission proposal that, if approved, would require devs to abide by the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive, a rule that mandates “a minimum 2-year guarantee on tangible movable consumer goods.” While this guarantee sounds great for us the consumers, Dr. Richard Wilson, head of game developer advocacy group Tiga, is worried it may “stifle new ideas as [developers] could end up just playing it safe.” Basically they are worried that many of us might take advantage of it.

Eidos: Sequels, and Sequels to Sequels

Eidos’ Ian Livingstone, recently named Wookiee Life President or Square Enix Proconsul or something, gave a kitchen-sink interview in which sequels for nearly every major Eidos IP were tipped, teased or confirmed.

EA: PC becoming biggest platform, digital distribution profits doubled this year

EA has been making a killing in the PC gaming space (unlike its performance with music-based games), the company revealed during its recent financial earnings report. Shacknews has reported that EA has seen profits from digital distribution on the PC platform double over last year to $80 million, whereas the company’s digital distribution revenue on the whole has generated $400 million for the company this fiscal year.

Texas May Force Sex Offenders To Register Gamertags

Legislators in Texas have proposed a bill that would expand what registered sex offenders would be required to disclose, including the release of online screen names. That could potentially even cover online gaming social networks.

Valve Sneaks TF2 MMO Jokes Into Latest Patch Valve Sneaks TF2 MMO Jokes Into Latest Patch

Fresh off the addition of an item backpack and a character hat-slot to Team Fortress 2-and the discovery of latent, item-related lines of game code that spawned many RPG-related jokes-developer Valve has gotten in on the joke with the most recent TF2 patch.