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Physics at work in Fight Night Round 4

A new video for Fight Night Round 4 has just been release. In it, producer Brian Hayes talks about what changes players can expect from Round 3 to Round 4 with respect to the game’s physics. He explains that in the first game, there was an invisible wall keeping the two boxers separated, which is not the case in Round 4. The next installment will feature improved collision detection and less clipping, which is something Hayes hopes allows for more realistic punching people in the face and/or body.

Fight Night Round 4 Hands On

We didn’t know there were this many ways to improve one of our favorite games. But a new development team based out of EA’s Vancouver studio is, thankfully, not phoning in a save-as sequel to the Xbox 360’s best boxing game, and our first look at Fight Night Round 4 surprised us in all the right ways.