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EA official site lists PS3 version of Left 4 Dead 2

It’s no secret that Valve isn’t a big fan of the PS3, in fact you can say that there last experience of the system was very bitter. When the company revealed Left 4 Dead 2 as an Xbox 360/PC exclusive, no one was surprised one bit. However, PS3 may be getting its own version of the multiplayer FPS if the official EA website is to be believed. Not only is PS3 listed in the “Coming Soon” section of the site, but a quick glance of EA’s games page reveals placeholder box art for the game as well. This could be a sign that EA is working on a PS3 port; the company did work on the PS3 version of The Orange Box.

This new listing could be a common database error. A PS3 version of the original Left 4 Dead was rumored after an accidental listing was placed on retailer HMV’s website. But the rumored turn out to be untrue, we doubt that Valve would release a Left 4 Dead 2 on the Ps3, but anything it possible.

Update# 1: EA has udated the site and remove the PS3 verizon from the listing,

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[Via Joystiq]