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Development on 360 version of FFXIII just two months old

Square Enix showed of a impressive demo of Final Fantasy XIII running on Xbox 360 at the Microsoft media briefing during E3, we were shaken to the core to find out that the build being demoed was …

Sony’s Lempel: ‘You’re not going to see trophies on the PSP’

With the one-year anniversary of Sony’s Trophy system this month, the good guys over at Joystiq were eager to learn how Sony could enhance the current offering of the service, leveraging the PlayStation brand and distancing itself from the Xbox 360′s Achievements system. So, during E3 last week, Joystiq asked Eric Lempel (Director of PlayStation Network Operations) when Trophies would make their way to the PSP. Lempel said, bluntly, “You’re not going to see Trophies on the PSP.”

Itagaki has has some nice words about Team Ninja’s Metroid project

In an recent E3 interview with 1UP’s James Mielke, the former Team Ninja head Tomonobu Itagaki said he was “very honored and pleased to be of service” in response to the suggestion that Ninja Blade was a close imitation of Ninja Gaiden. Itagaki also admitted he was “pretty tired” of making games featuring super-unrealistic women.

PSP Go: All-new accessories

In Sony press-only booth, there was a area reserved for showing off the various accessories that will be available for PSP Go when it hits US shelves on October 1. There were cases, wrist straps, Sony-branded screen protectors etc… But since the handheld doesn’t have a standard mini USB port like the PSP-3000. PSP GO! owners will have to buy all new accessories!

Turn 10 on Forza 3: ‘No game competes with us’

Forza Motorsport 3 game director Dan Greenwalt is extremely proud of his game. Dan Greenwalt believes that Forza 3 has surpassed all of the competition, most notably Gran Turismo franchise. When asked how Forza is positioned against other racing franchise like Need for Speed and the legendary Gran Turismo, Greenwalt had some not very nice words for those franchise.

Bethesda has designed iPhone versions of Fallout 3 Bethesda has designed iPhone versions of Fallout 3

Bethesda software has annouce plains to bring the Fallout series to smaller screens, the iPhone more specifically. The only problem is that they just haven’t figured out how to pull it off yet.

Infinity Ward: Modern Warfare pushes Xbox 360 to its “upper limits”

Speaking with VG247 at E3 this week, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin said that Modern Warfare 2 leaves the Xbox 360 winded and gasping for breath. At this point, he noted, it’s all about finding little tricks to squeeze more power out of the aging machine. The game looks absolutely amazing and you can tell that this game requiere a-lot of horses under the hood to run.

New God Of War III Screens

Sony has dated God of War III for the PlayStation 3. Also, Namco Bandai has announced that series star protagonist Kratos i scoming to Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny.The latest batch of God of War III screens features some very familiar scenes and scenarios.

Sony announces new Motion Controller, aiming for spring 2010 launch

Sony announce and demonstrated a new motion controller at E3 2009 press conference, Sony show off tech demos of their upcoming motion controller, the two-part controller due out in spring of next year.