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Conviction producer says players shouldn’t fear the new ‘Mark and Execute’ feature

Ubisoft Montreal producer Alexandre Parizeau told the gaming Blog Joystiq that gamers should not fear Splinter Cell: Conviction’s new ‘Mark and Execute’ feature. Since first showing off the feature during Microsoft’s Pre-E3 media briefing, Parizeau says some gamers fear the game will become too easy.

EA exec states there won’t be more Godfather games

Electronic Arts is according to the LA Times done with The Godfather Franchise. But apparently everyone knows this except Paramount. In an interview at E3 on Wednesday, Frank Gibeau, president of the EA Games label, said that after April’s release of The Godfather II, his company is done with making video games based on the critically acclaimed film series.

Gran Turismo for PSP finally arriving October 1st Gran Turismo for PSP finally arriving October 1st

Sony announce at E3 that Gran Turismo will finally see a release on the system. The game will reportedly be pack, it will be packed with content: 800 cars to race around on 35 tracks with multiple variations that actually allow for 60 different race route.

New 16GB ‘PSP Go’ revealed early

Leaked video from next month’s Qore reveals SCEA’s John Koller touting Mylo-style sliding screen handheld with no second thumbstick, built-in flash memory. New screens after the break.

Epic to Announce PS3 Exclusive at E3

Examiner is reporting that next Tuesday at E3, Sony and Epic Games will announce a brand-new horror based title exclusively for the PS3. The game will be utilizing the more refined Unreal Engine 3 than found in Gears of War 2. The title is said to be in the works for quite some time.

Kojima countdown site reveals ‘MASK’

Kojima Productions “NEXT” teaser site have begun to reveal a bit more of the mystery. Glimpses of more letters and what appears to be a image of Raiden begun to materialize as the 90 hour mark approaches, but clicking on the studio’s eerily morphing logo now takes visitors to a site for “MASK.”

PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included

According to Jake Osuwah, a Sony PR spokemen, a new update for the PS3 will be release soon. Sources speculate that it will likely arrive some time during E3 or a short time after, as VidZone is coming soon. He doesn’t mention if it is a firmware update, or something that will be in a PS Store update.

DJ Hero to feature 100 tracks, original mixes

DJ Hero will ship with more than 100 individual tracks - including music from Black Eyed Peas, 50 Cent, Justice, Marvin Gaye, Beck, Beastie Boys and N.E.R.D. - Activision said today.