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Nintendo canceled new handheld in last three years

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata mentioned in a recent interview with CNBC that the company had a new handheld all set to go in the last three years, but ultimately decided to scrap the plan.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron announced for DS and PSP

The ESRB have accidentally ruin the announcement of Star Wars: Battlefront: Elite Squadron for PSP and DS. But today Lucas Arts formally announce the title that is slated to hit the DS and PSP later this fall.

ESRB details new Star Wars: Battlefront titles

The ESRB has once again leaked details for upcoming as yet unannounced titles. This time, the ESRB has let information trickle out for two games, both titled Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron , one is for the Nintendo DS and the other for the PSP, Kotaku reports.

Square Enix Income Down 31%

Square Enix has revealed their financial earnings for the fiscal year ending March 31 2009. Unsurprisingly net income was down by 31% from 9,196 Million Yen in the previous year to 6,333 Million Yen. This was to be expected, since they haven’t release any big game during that time frame. But they do expect this their income to increase this fiscal year, With all the big titles to release during the time frame

EU Commission proposal wants two-year guarantee for games

European game developers are outrage about a recent EU Commission proposal that, if approved, would require devs to abide by the EU Sales and Guarantees Directive, a rule that mandates “a minimum 2-year guarantee on tangible movable consumer goods.” While this guarantee sounds great for us the consumers, Dr. Richard Wilson, head of game developer advocacy group Tiga, is worried it may “stifle new ideas as [developers] could end up just playing it safe.” Basically they are worried that many of us might take advantage of it.

PS3 and PSP Dominate Japan

DSi and Wii continue to remain behind Sony hardware.

Nintendo consoles had 62 new million-selling titles in past fiscal year

A recent Nintendo financial statement and press release was chock full of information. First was a mighty impressive sales figure — over the past fiscal year, 62 games (first and third-party) which have been released on the Wii and DS reached one million copies sold life-to-date. This brings the total number of million-sellers on Nintendo’s current batch of systems to 145. That’s a large enough number, even when you don’t multiply it by one million.

EA’s Wii Business Nearly Doubled Last Year

EA embraced the Wii last year and the Wii embraced it right back, with the percentage of revenue due to the Nintendo console nearly doubling over the previous year.

Japanese hardware sales, April 20 - April 26, PS3 sales fall

After a week of extremely high PS3 Sales, it looks like the ride is finally over, the high of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children finally ran of steam, and sales are a bit back to normal, but the PS3 still continues to out sale the Wii but by a smaller margin. I still guess many Sony fans will continue to be happy. But on the bright side Wii, PSP, and PS2 sales pick up for the week.

Analyst: No New Consoles Until 2013, Despite Slowing Software Sales

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter believes that we will not enter the next console generation until 2013. Investors are getting a bit worried as video game software sales seem to have peaked for the current generation. I don’t think they have, but when compared to last year, sales are down in 2009. Now, some people could freak out and start looking toward the PS4 and Xbox 720, but remain calm the economy is way down and we have to wait for it to improve.