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DSi sells 600k over US and EU release weekend

Earlier today, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata and childhood memory manufacturer Shigeru Miyamoto delivered a presentation about Wii Sports Resort and Wii/DS price cuts (or lack thereof). However, neatly tucked within the folds of their discourse was a fascinating figure for the hardware salesophiles among us — in its launch weekend in the US and Europe, the DSi sold 300,000 units in each territory. Our on-call mathematician is currently visiting his grandkids in Des Moines, but we’re pretty sure that equals 600,000 units.

The two went on to discuss some of the miscellaneous features Nintendo hopes to implement in the shutterbug handheld, such as museum maps, schoolroom applications, and tour guide programs. Those sound intriguing, though ultimately not compelling enough to steal us away from our tirelessall-catching endeavors.