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Call Of Duty 7 confirm to be in development

Can you believe that Treyarch is already hard at work on Call of Duty 7?  According to a Treyarch designer’s online CV, Call Of Duty 7 is already being worked on.

The profile is that of a Senior Animator at Treyarch, which reveals something that  probably shouldn’t be reaveled: “I am currently on my second title as a senior animator in the games industry with Activision / Treyarch on Call Of Duty 7.”

But it Begs the question though, where do you want Call Of Duty 7 to be set in World War II, Vietnam maybe?Comment below and lets us know what you think.

[Via CVG]

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  • razuu said:

    iraq……or is it too early???

  • grim said:

    I'll say a bit tooo early

  • Call Of Duty 7 confirm to be in development | The Gamers Magazine … said:

    [...] See original here: Call Of Duty 7 confirm to be in development | The Gamers Magazine … [...]

  • MrBubblz said:


  • Chin said:


  • Chin said:


  • Anthony817 said:

    Treyarch makes bad ass games that I have always loved you guys are just hating!I hope they fucking do a Korean war game,than a fucking Viet Nam game!When oh when, will the Korean war get the respect that it deservs!?

    The war resulted in the deaths of approximately 2,000,000 Koreans, 600,000 Chinese, 37,000 Americans, and 3,000 Turks, Britons, and other nationals in the UN forces!Remember thats all in 3 years folks!it took almost a decade to get more than that in Vietnam!

  • Anthony817 said:

    Lets put that into context with the losses in the Vietnam war for all sides involved.

    South Korea 4,900 KIA, North Korea According to Chinese soldiers stationed in Vietnam manning the anti-aircraft artillery next to that of the North Korean, several dozen North Korean anti-aircraft artillery crews were killed by American bombing.

    China 1,446 KIA, Soviet Union Under 12 unaccounted for, Philippines 7 men KIA 2 ,2 men MIA,Thailand 351 KIA, Australia 426 KIA, 74 died of other causes 6 MIA,New Zealand 37 KIA + 2 Civilians.

    Now lets look at just the USA losses in veitnam.

    USA 58,228 total accounted deaths,1,740 MIA.

  • Anthony817 said:

    Now you do the math and you can see that in 3 measly years,more people died in Korea in a shorter time span than in the "longest war in US history", yes more Americans died in the 8 or so years that we fought in Viet Nam,but for 3 years thats some EPIC battles.Why then do you think the Korean war is called the"Forgotten war"?Possibly because it was sandwitched in between WWII and Vietnam,and it didnt get as much news coverage as both those wars did?

    Thats why I think the Korean war deserves to be the next COD game IMHO!XD

    Any supporters?

  • Khayman Buff said:

    I want a future game its much over due

  • PTemplar said:

    Vietnam & Korean wars.

  • Anthony817 said:

    Ya those were not as epic as WWII but they had some crazy battles!If they do Vietnam I hope they do it right and show the horrors or war on both sides of the fence.

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