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Ballmer references Project Natal launch in 2010

While there’s no official release window for Microsoft’s new revolutionary motion-sensing camera interface, Project Natal, that not even the official name of the thing, but new comments made by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer indicate a 2010 launch. TGDaily reports that “Ballmer stated openly during a speech on the recession to those in attendance at the Executives Club in Chicago, a new Xbox 360 will hit the store shelves in 2010.”

The report never mentions “Natal” and refers instead to the rumor “(new) console” featuring a built-in camera. The complete lack of reference to “Project Natal” in the report makes us question the specifics regarding a “new Xbox 360.” However, a new Xbox 360 SKU featuring Natal could be a possibility. anyways what’s important is the 2010 comment. Regardless of how Natal is packaged, Steve says in be in your living room next year. Comment below.


[Via Joystiq]