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New 16GB ‘PSP Go’ revealed early


Though Sony’s E3 Press Conference isn’t until 11:00 a.m. on June 2, one it biggest announcement has been leak. A YouTube video of what appears to be the next issue of the PlayStation-focused video magazine Qore has revealed that Sony will use its event to unveil a new PSP model, the PSP Go. New screens have also been release of the new model.

As had been widely rumored abnd previously reported, the PSP Go will have a sliding form factor like the Mylo (a comunicator device made by Sony). The new handheld, which does not contain the heavily requested second thumbstick, is shown several times in the video, which features Qore host Veronica Belmont and John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America.

According to Koller, the main differences between the PSP Go and the PSP-3000 are “on-board memory, the flash memory, and 16 gigs of space. There’s Bluetooth on board as well, so you can use a Bluetooth headset, and you can actually tether it to your cell phone as well. But ultimately, it’s the portability. Since you can bring all that content with you in a smaller form factor, you’ve got the most immersive games to play, and now you’ve got a smaller unit to do it with.”


Host Belmont then asks, “So since it’s called the PSP Go, I would image it will work with Remote Play as well.” Koller then  responds: “Integration with the PS3 is very important, and it works just like the PSP-3000. A lot of people like to be able to take their PS3 content with them on the go.”

As for the PSP Go replacing its predecessor, Koller said bluntly: “It won’t replace the PSP-3000. We’re going to keep them both on the market.” Koller did not mention a price, release date, or whether or not it would have a touchscreen when closed.  We will have more info when we receive it, for now enjoy the video and pictures.


Here are the images of the PSP GO!:


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