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PS3 Update to be Release Soon at E3, VidZone Included

According to Jake Osuwah, a Sony PR  representative,  a new update for the PS3 will be release soon.  Sources speculate that it will likely arrive some time during E3 or a short time after, as VidZone is coming soon.  He doesn’t mention if it is a firmware update, or something that will be in a PS Store update.


Jake mentions the new info twice on his twitter page, you can see his tweet below:

Heres Some Exclusive PS3 VIDZONE Video Footage http://bit.ly/3Lrz2 We’ll be updating our PS3’s soon to this!

VIDZONE for the PlayStation 3 is now CONFIRMED coming real soon. Watch thousands of free music videos right on your PS3!

VidZone has only been discussed as a PAL territory only service, but due to it being mentioned by a SCEA PR rep, and it’s inclusion at E3, makes the chances for a US  release very high. PlayStation LifeStyle have contacted Jake Osuwah, and are awaiting confirmation on a US release.

VG247 has also reported that the service goes live on June 4th,  three days after Sony press conference but still it’s a Thursday and we all know what get updated that day. The Playstation store, we will have more info when we recieve it, check out the video below.



VidZone Official Webstie

[Via PlayStation LifeStyle]