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Assassin’s Creed 2 New Details From This Month’s Game Informer

According  to the article in this month issue:

You’ll have a ton of new weapons to choose from including an axe, a hammer, a mace, a spear, 2 different sword types, a spear axe, and 2 smaller blades


  • You CAN swim
  • Da Vincis workshop is in the game
  • Locations include Saint Marks Basilica, The Grand Canal, The Little Canal, and the Rialto bridge.
  • The game opens in 1476, Altair is from 1191
  • So you do indeed play as a new ancestor of Altair / Desmond
  • You will see the countryside of Tuscany
  • The “Auditore” family is mentioned
  • The main characters name is Ezio Auditore de Firenze
  • He is a nobleman of Florence
  • Big characters are in the game including Machiavelli, Caterina Sofrza, and Lorenzo de Medici
  • YOU DO INDEED GLIDE on Da Vincis flying machine.
  • Game will feature a new notoriety system that governs how enemy soldiers and people will treat you.
  • You can disarm enemies and use their own weapons against them this time.
  • Each weapon has a special move.
  • 16 unique mission types.
  • No more ease dropping or pick pocketing missions.
  • If you get beat up to much you will need to see a street side doctor to regain full strength.
  • Hidden objects (like flags in the first one) are there to uncover but this time if you track them down you will get in-game bonuses that make it worth your time.
  • Items include, flags, statues, and gold coins and more that isnt mentioned.
  • New enemy types with unique attitudes and weaknesses are present in the game. Archers are mentioned, as well as elite enemies, dagger wielders, “Brutish” armored troops with heavy armor and 2 handed swords and axes, and an intelligent halberd enemy will probe hiding places with their weapons if they think you’re near by.
  • While hiding in a hay bail you can assassinate people this time, but it may expose your position.
  • You can still climb towers and ride horses
  • The Lorendo de Medici assassination attempt is in the game.
  • There is now a night and day sequence in the game.
  • 240 people are working on this title.

Here is the Teaser Trailer again:

 Magazine Cover for this month


The Possible Main Character




Possible Game Cover:


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