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Rumor: Sony PSP 2 Specs Leak

Eurogamer Spain has had access to internal information about the graphic specs of the upcoming PSP 2, which is rumor to be announced at the end of the current year. Eurogamer’s has apparently found details of the PSP 2’s graphics processor, which appears to be a quad core version of the SGX543MP, the sequel* to the SGX542MP.  The chip which is codenamed Hydra is what will according to Eurogamer are claiming will power the visuals.

To put this into context, it’s close to the processor in the iPhone 3GX and the single core version will run Quake 3 Arena at an eye-blistering 30fps. 30, yeah. The chip currently offers roughly 133 million polygons per second and 4Gpixels/sec fillrate. It will also feature Dreamcast features such as Deferred Rendering.

Eurogamer.es have shared the source of the information with the UK-based Eurogamer so that’s them behind the story 100%.  But the information is ‘off the record’ though.

[Via Eurogamer.es]