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ESRB details new Star Wars: Battlefront titles

Posted on March 5, 2017  in Uncategorized

The ESRB has once again leaked details for upcoming as yet unannounced titles. This time, the ESRB has let information trickle out for two games, both titled Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron , one is for the Nintendo DS and the other for the PSP, Kotaku reports.
According to product descriptions for each title, the games are presented in third-person and showcases battles throughout the Star Wars universe; in space, on land and in the air.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Platform: PSP | Rating: Teen
Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Rating summary: “This is an action game in which players experience different battles from the Star Wars universe. Presented in a third-person perspective, the game allows players to engage in space, land, and air battles or build troops and upgrade armies in a strategy-based mode. Players can use laser guns (i.e., blasters), explosives, and lightsabers to destroy enemy robots (i.e., droids) and humans who often cry out in pain when attacked. During one dramatic cutscene sequence, an unarmed man is sliced by a lightsaber, while another character is shot in the back with a blaster.”

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
Platform: Nintendo DS | Rating: Everyone 10+
Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Rating summary: ” Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is an action adventure game in which players experience different battles from the Star Wars universe. From a third-person perspective, players engage in space battles, ‘speeder bike’ chases, and top-down battling. The ground battle includes constant laserfire combined with hand-to-hand combat using ‘lightsabers.’ A depleting health bar and various “yelps” indicate damage inflicted upon certain characters.”


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The Must-play video games of interior designers and architects

Posted on November 3, 2016  in Uncategorized

Interior designers and architects require great creativity and innovation skills to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their services. These creative skills help to develop unique structures and buildings while accommodating the taste of the end users on their products. Software developers have designed awesome video games ideal for them since they ignite a human curiosity and anxiety as they develop their cognitive development skills.  Must have video games include


The Sims and SimCity

This game immerses a human mind to think widely and imagine a dream neighborhood. The single and multiple player games are a responsive simulation game with different models to help create an empire. It is a city management game where your decision matters in the overall functioning of the entire city. The multiplayer also helps in managements and coordination of different cities at the comfort of your office because you won’t need to get bench top drill press in this game unlike in real-life. In addition, it helps designers to familiarize themselves with some services necessary for cities like paint sprayer (check the top rated  airless paint sprayer here), police stations, power and telephone lines, sewer line and other utility services. The game is based on a discovery mission in building the cities.the sims


Calvino Noir

Calvino Noir is a game built on an adventure where a player explores complex rooms within the towers. As you move towards the rooms, the sculptural design becomes more complex when you get the best drill press and you have to think and make a timely decision on the best route to follow. The model of the rooms opens an architecture’s mind on different set up that exist in the design of buildings.


Monument Valley

This is a puzzle- structure game with the taste of the Islamic monuments and Scottish castle designs. The game features the traditional architectural design with an aim of using them to integrate the structures in the current designs. The game lacks time limits giving a novice time to think of the best moves and its repercussions on the


Mine Craft

This is a simple yet famous game among video game lovers.  The game has simple blocks, which you can use to build a design of choice. You can build an empire from the simple blocks. This is the work of architects and designers, this game helps them use their skills acquired from training to build unique structures to emulate in their careers.


Gone Home

Gone home is an award winning a video game, which explores designs rather than creates them. The context of its development is a player needs to discover the structure and design of the inherited home. The player moves through the mansion and peruses through letters, notepads, cassette tapes and postcards to give an idea of secret information about the home. The player uses the information to make different discoveries.



Architecture and interior design is a practical-based career whose success is determined by creativity, innovation, and real life application. Apart from the entertainment aspect, these video games help stimulate logic and reasoning in solving various life challenges. These video games are must play for architects and interior designers whether as a novice or experienced professionals.


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Ping Pong Video Game compared to Real Life Ping pong Game

Posted on October 18, 2016  in Uncategorized

Ping Pong video game is one of the pilot games in the video game industry. This is attributed to the simplicity of its development. It only requires two-dimensional graphic in the design of the game. The game has an option of watching previously recorded games or one player with the computer or two players. The aim of the game is to emerge a winner by gaining the first ten points.

Here are some reasons one may prefer video game to real life game

No physical activity

Ping Pong video game does not involve a lot of physical activity. It is a game you can play when you just want to understand ball movement and tricks in winning the game. You can play several games within a short time compared to real life due to time limits, rules, and regulations. This game is ideal for persons with physical challenges where they cannot physically engage in the game. When taking that long road trip, you can enjoy the game in the comfort of your couch.

Training in Ping Pong skills

Novices can play Ping Pong video games to learn the rules and tricks of being a good table tennis player use. The information page of the game provides comprehensive content of the game, which relates to real life sport. Once you have the theory structure of the game, you are able to apply it in a real game and become a successful table tennis player.

Creative thinking

This is not just a video game; it ignites the cognitive thinking of a player to take the best decision, which will turn into a win. Enhanced cognitive development helps in tackling various life challenges to help make the best life decisions. Creative thinkers develop tools that provide timely solutions in various fields.

Cognitive development

The video game requires integration of ball movement and location concepts to hit the ball, not within the reach of the opponent. The psychological focus improves reasoning and logic in the player. In real life, the focus is just on winning without considering any other underlying factors. While playing, various information instincts run through your mind on the science behind the development of the game

Visual outlook

The visual outlook of the video game and graphical colors is appealing to the eye. Children with low concentration span are glued to the computer for long hours while enjoying the game. It offers a great pass time for the players.

Ping Pong video game is the ultimate solution for overall brain development of the player compared to real life gaming. It helps focus attention on various life aspects and skills customization in making the right decision that governs a player’s life. The above reasons give Ping Pong video game an upper hand compared to real-life table tennis. However, video games should not replace traditional physical sport because they also have numerous health benefits which include physical fitness. Video game only provides mental fitness. Humans require both physical and mental fitness for successful body functioning, you can also try table tennis robot and play on your own. Here is table tennis robot comparison at



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gamers coffee

Why Should a Gamer Start Loving Coffee

Posted on July 22, 2016  in Uncategorized


There is no surprise that coffee is one of the most famous drinks, whether you’re a college student or an office worker. A lot of people can’t make their day complete without a cup of coffee. It has proven to have provided a lot of positive effects, especially to our mental and physical health.

Coffee is worshiped by a lot of gamers. It’s a delicious drink that provides a toothsome treat, and the most important ingredient of them all – caffeine. And better still, coffee is more affordable than most energy drinks, without the additional nonessential ingredients that can be harmful to you. We can safely say that coffee is an ideal gaming drink, the very sweet beverage that satisfies life.

What can coffee give you?

Coffee can provide a lot of things (except for superhero powers). It affects our body biologically and physiologically. But the most notable thing a coffee can do for you is to be a stimulant for your central nervous system. Okay, so it contains grounded coffee beans, sugar, and hot water. So what? People tend to ignore the fact that it contains more nutrients than you ever know. Although it’s not calorie-free (even if it’s black), coffee still has an outstanding nutriment rundown. If you still worry about the amount of calorie coffee has, worry no more, 8 ounces of your favorite coffee drink contains only 2 calories. Basically, it isn’t much. Aside from having a high percentage of omega 6 fatty acids, a significant amount of carbohydrates, with a tiny amount of fiber, and a protein with a breathtaking amino acid profile, coffee also contains a robust mineral content and antioxidants.

Stimulation Station

Coffee can have an extravagant outcome on your capacity to concentrate and pay attention. Its capability to enhance our mental vigilance may surely help give us with the capacity to perform better during gaming. Given you do not drink too much, every day.

Added to that, caffeine is an effective mood elevator. Even with those individuals with clinical depression, this type of drink can give at least a small improvement in your mood. Providing a fair to moderate euphoric effect, coffee can make you feel amazing.

Same as other energy drinks, gamers like you want to stay up as long as you can. Caffeine is a great stimulant if you want to have an all-nighter with your favorite games. Some of you might start your day with a cup of hot and delicious coffee. If you don’t want to drink anything hot during the summer season, coffee can be served in the cold brew.

You might think drinking the same coffee is so repetitive, and you’ll probably stop liking it. Don’t worry, there are many ways to serve your daily cup of coffee. Did you know there are different bean for each season? Most of all, it’s cheap. We know, you want to go back to your game as soon as possible. But, preparing quick and easy coffee by Espresso Maker is not impossible.


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Pre-order Halo: ODST, unlock Sgt. Avery Johnson

Posted on May 10, 2016  in News, Uncategorized

Pre-ordering Halo 3: ODST at participating retailers will net you a token to unlock Sergeant Johnson as a playable character in the new Firefight mode. Find a list of the participating retailers after the break.

  • US: Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Wal-Mart.
  • France: GAME, FNAC, JV&Co, Virgin, Amazon, Pixmania, Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce
  • Germany: Amazon and Gamestop
  • Italy: Gamestop
  • UK: Game, Gamestation, Amazon, Play