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Flavored Coffees Every Gamers Should Try

Posted on September 23, 2018  in Uncategorized

Okay, so it’s game night. Everything you need is written down on a piece of paper.

Bluetooth mouse with new batteries. Check.

Headset with mic. Check.

Stable and fast internet connection. Check.

A refreshing brain booster drink. Uh, oh.

A McDonald’s hot coffee would be nice. But is that enough to help you survive the extreme amount of pressure from intense gaming combat? I don’t think so.

Chances are, your body is telling you to go to sleep, but your mind is a rebel. So, to keep it in charge, you need a drink infused with lots of energy, and this is where coffee comes in. It’s delicious, it has health benefits, and it’s so easy to prepare.

Energize with these quick and easy flavored coffee recipes that will make your gaming buddies jealous they wish they had a reliable coffee maker at home.


1. Cinnamon iced coffee

Cinnamon is great for desserts, and adding it in a coffee beverage is no exemption. Combine coffee with vanilla extract, ice, sugar, and the creamer of your choice and a dash of cinnamon and you’re all set.

2. Iced coffee with whipped cream

The classic iced coffee is a little expensive when you buy from your local Starbucks. But doing it at home saves you money, plus the excessive amount of sugar that you’re trying to veer away from. Simply combine the coffee of your choice (whether it’s cold-brewed or extra-strong with milk, sugar, ice, and top it with whipped cream and voila, you’re very own iced coffee prepared in minutes. Your mom must be so proud.

3. Pumpkin spice coffee

The holiday season calls for a pumpkin spice coffee. But why wait when you can DIY. Check your cupboard for maple syrup or honey, vanilla extract, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk, and pumpkin puree. Mix it all together with your brewed coffee and top it all of with whipped cream.

4. Nutella iced coffee

Everyone’s favorite hazelnut spread will never be left off in terms of flavored coffee mixes. Simply mix together coffee, vanilla extract, and Nutella. Add ice and garnish with whipped cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, or sweetened cocoa powder and you’re ready to go.

5. Coconut frappe

Opposites attract, and this flavored coffee mix justifies this cliche. You will need cold coffee, light coconut milk, and sugar to sweeten it up. Garnish with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, and toasted coconut flakes.

6. Honey coffee

Honey is a natural sweetener, so if you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, this is a great option for your coffee. All you need is hot or cold coffee, low-fat or soy milk to add creaminess, and honey to satisfy your sweet tooth.

7. Banana-coffee smoothie

Smoothies are great substitutes for breakfast. But isn’t it nice to have a smoothie any time of the day? Indulge in this tasty and nutritious drink with some frozen bananas, a shot of espresso, cocoa powder, and yogurt. Top it with chocolate shavings and you’re good to go.

8. Iced coffee with condensed milk

A shot of espresso with ice is already a treat on its own. But adding condensed milk will surely raise it up a notch. The condensed milk adds sweetness and creaminess to the coffee while giving you the perfect boost of energy you need to pull an all-nighter.


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Positive Effect of Gaming

Posted on February 1, 2018  in Uncategorized



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Bad Effects of Swimming in the pool after playing on computer

Posted on May 20, 2017  in Uncategorized

Each and every person now holds on to their mobile phones, tablets and any type of electronic device where they could update their friends with what is happening in their social lives. After spending more than 10 hours using the screaming led screen of computers, you tend to freshen up and wash your face with soap and water. Some would even take a bath after a long period of time staring at the computer. We all have to understand the good and bad effects of washing off after using the computer, worse is jumping and swimming in the pool immediately.


Doctors have conducted several research about the effects of swimming in the pool after using the computer. The effects vary from long and short period of time to the type of sickness that this activity may trigger. These group of doctors has indicated several attributes that would be the primary cause of blindness and other eye problems. Generally speaking, without basing the assumption on medical records and on researchers, it is really not advisable to wash up when your eyes are tired. It is suggested that the eyes should rest every 15 minutes and keep them away from the computer screen, mobile phones and tablets just so your activity would not cause any harm to your health. The effects may not be noticed right away but in due time and in a few years more, a person may notice the changes in the vision and other health issues.

Partnering with technology and medical studies, there are numerous ways on how to get past the troublesome fear of playing on the computer and swimming in the pool right after. Studies recommend tips and tricks but one of the most interesting is the use of propane heaters. Propane heaters are portable and handy solutions for heating which may be used in the swimming pool. These heaters come with the pool vacuum( to make sure that the pool is also always clean. The reason why these are recommended based on studies is that they allow heat to circulate within the pool and then would make the body relax more instead of forcing it to withstand the cold water. Some from the sun have features where you can adjust the wave of the heat depending on the room where you are in or the place where you would like to use the product to. There is no need to worry about any electronic device going in the way of these products as they are licensed and approved by trusted technological scientists. Recommended propane heaters have thermostatic controllers which would help the consumer to keep the water and room temperature on an average.

We could confirm that swimming in the pool after playing for long hours on the computer may be dangerous to one’s health. It may trigger complications and may create unpleasant habits that contribute to poor health condition. However, with the help of researchers, doctors, and scientists collaborating with advanced technology, there are better ways and solutions to every issue that people may encounter. It is best that we think in advance rather than wait for these circumstances to come. For other recommended propane heaters, you may visit appliance stores or browse online to take advantage of discounts, promotions and free shipping and handling offered by companies who sell this portable wonder.


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Advantages of flashlight for video games

Posted on May 4, 2017  in Uncategorized

The fun of video game is not just a win with a landslide victory. Playing video games is an exciting hobby and a good pass-time. However, the addition it develops can be a source of weight gain because of long sitting hours. At times, depending on the type of screen -TV screens, laptops, desktops, and smartphone – a good lighting system is vital. A flashlight has enhanced power lighting to provide enough brightness for you to conquer an opponent especially when you are in higher levels of the game, which are always challenging and requires good eyesight and attention. Here are some advantages of a flashlight to a video gamer


 Powerful lighting

When you are in a poorly lit room, a flashlight will give you additional power to enable you to play the game with ease without straining your eyes. Most of the bulbs are made from LED bulbs renowned for bright and healthy lighting system.


Flashlight( allows you to just have light at the area you need it. You may want to enjoy your game in the comfort of your bed, without interfering with the normal lighting system of the room. This hand-held lighting system can be adjusted to reflect light in a specified area- the bed for this case. In addition, you can also mount it on the wall or your bedside and simply adjust the bulb at your convenience.

 Low power consumption

Have you ever received high power bills until you opt to reduce the use of most electric products? A flashlight is the last thing you can think of because the LED bulb they use, consume less power; saving your money on power bills, instead, you can use the money to buy more interesting video games.

 Offers alternative energy source

At times, you may feel you waste power in a room yet you just require lighting on the screen where you can see amateurs while playing the video game. This is where you can opt to switch off the mains electricity power source to save it and switch on the flashlight and you still continue to enjoy playing your video game.

 Rechargeable batteries

You are in your bed and you have a poor power supply, there is nothing disgusting that you cannot continue with the game just because the flashlight power has also gone off. Never worry, the flashlight has rechargeable batteries to act as a backup; alternatively, you can wake up in the middle of the night and just switch on the flashlight and continue with the game. In most cases the screen always have some light to help you, the flashlight is just an additional lighting source.

Regulation of light

Most flashlights have adjustable knobs to regulate the amount of light to suit your desire. This allows you to have control over the light intensity that is healthy and comfortable for your eyes without much strain.

A flashlight is a money saving gadget for video gamers. Furthermore, it gives them a lighting aid even when the main electricity source is low or you are in a poorly lit area. The choice of the best flashlight depends on the purpose of the lighting aid.



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Pet salon game review  

Posted on May 2, 2017  in Uncategorized

Pet salon is a one-stop website for video games and videos concepts. The application is compatible with Android and iOS technology devices. The product of dream cortex and Anomica publishers is aimed to improve customer service delivery within a given time limit.  The player acts as an owner, where he is able to view the entire premise and all customers. It records the amount of time each customer takes to be served; if he takes a longer time he lives with no payment. Missed payments mean a lower rating while a payment means a higher rating because of customer satisfaction. The average ratings are analyzed to give results of the efficiency of the salon. Each customer arrives at the salon with a pet who are the customers where each player ensures they are well served and never in pain. As long as the pet is happy, there is increased satisfaction and you are able to move to higher levels if its unsatisfactory the game ends.

The time limit for the pet and their owners is pre-recorded and if it elapses, they leave without making any payments.

Advantages of the application

  • It helps in financial of pet salon business.
  • There are different entry levels to integrate different cognitive skills.
  • It is a unique concept in tailoring customer service.
  • It accommodates the time for every service in a pet salon.
  • It is a great financial management tool even in your absence.
  • It improves your gaming knowledge.
  • It is fun and entertaining.
  • It offers adventure in different marketing
  • It has a free subscription
  • The concept helps in improving salon operations while increasing profits.


  • It does not put other factors that influence a salon business into consideration.
  • It does not support other operating systems apart from Android and iOS devices.
  • It only uses the time limit to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Salon has different services hence a regular time limit might not necessarily depict poor service.
  • Advanced features are only available in subscribed application.

The game has become popular since its inception in January 2011. It offers a variety of functions since the concentration span of pets are limited. The game helps in management skills to improve your brand and increase profits. Once there is effective service, the salon is bound to be overwhelmed with pets and their owners who demand the service. The salon owner will have to hire more employees and develop more service stations to serve more pets at the same time.

Pet salon is a great marketing tool for providing real-time solutions to various challenges experienced in many pet salons.  As long as the client is satisfied, he is bound to use social media to spread the word on the best salon in the neighborhood and this is the best advertisement.

The size of the application is small; its presence on the device does not compromise the performance of the gadget. Software developers are proving real-time concepts, which can be emulated in the real world to offer practical solutions for businesses.


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ESRB details new Star Wars: Battlefront titles

Posted on March 5, 2017  in Uncategorized

The ESRB has once again leaked details for upcoming as yet unannounced titles. This time, the ESRB has let information trickle out for two games, both titled Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron , one is for the Nintendo DS and the other for the PSP, Kotaku reports.
According to product descriptions for each title, the games are presented in third-person and showcases battles throughout the Star Wars universe; in space, on land and in the air.

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron

Platform: PSP | Rating: Teen
Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Rating summary: “This is an action game in which players experience different battles from the Star Wars universe. Presented in a third-person perspective, the game allows players to engage in space, land, and air battles or build troops and upgrade armies in a strategy-based mode. Players can use laser guns (i.e., blasters), explosives, and lightsabers to destroy enemy robots (i.e., droids) and humans who often cry out in pain when attacked. During one dramatic cutscene sequence, an unarmed man is sliced by a lightsaber, while another character is shot in the back with a blaster.”

Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
Platform: Nintendo DS | Rating: Everyone 10+
Content descriptors: Fantasy Violence

Rating summary: ” Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron is an action adventure game in which players experience different battles from the Star Wars universe. From a third-person perspective, players engage in space battles, ‘speeder bike’ chases, and top-down battling. The ground battle includes constant laserfire combined with hand-to-hand combat using ‘lightsabers.’ A depleting health bar and various “yelps” indicate damage inflicted upon certain characters.”


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The Must-play video games of interior designers and architects

Posted on November 3, 2016  in Uncategorized

Interior designers and architects require great creativity and innovation skills to keep up with the ever-growing demand for their services. These creative skills help to develop unique structures and buildings while accommodating the taste of the end users on their products. Software developers have designed awesome video games ideal for them since they ignite a human curiosity and anxiety as they develop their cognitive development skills.  Must have video games include


The Sims and SimCity

This game immerses a human mind to think widely and imagine a dream neighborhood. The single and multiple player games are a responsive simulation game with different models to help create an empire. It is a city management game where your decision matters in the overall functioning of the entire city. The multiplayer also helps in managements and coordination of different cities at the comfort of your office because you won’t need to get bench top drill press in this game unlike in real-life. In addition, it helps designers to familiarize themselves with some services necessary for cities like paint sprayer (top rated  airless paint sprayer here), police stations, power and telephone lines, sewer line and other utility services. The game is based on a discovery mission in building the cities.the sims


Calvino Noir

Calvino Noir is a game built on an adventure where a player explores complex rooms within the towers. As you move towards the rooms, the sculptural design becomes more complex when you to get the best drill press and you have to think and make a timely decision on the best route to follow. The model of the rooms opens an architecture’s mind on different set up that exist in the design of buildings.


Monument Valley

This is a puzzle- structure game with the taste of the Islamic monuments and Scottish castle designs. The game features the traditional architectural design with an aim of using them to integrate the structures in the current designs. The game lacks time limits giving a novice time to think of the best moves and its repercussions on the


Mine Craft

This is a simple yet famous game among video game lovers.  The game has simple blocks, which you can use to build a design of choice. You can build an empire from the simple blocks. This is the work of architects and designers, this game helps them use their skills acquired from training to build unique structures to emulate in their careers.


Gone Home

Gone home is an award winning a video game, which explores designs rather than creates them. The context of its development is a player needs to discover the structure and design of the inherited home. The player moves through the mansion and peruses through letters, notepads, cassette tapes and postcards to give an idea of secret information about the home. The player uses the information to make different discoveries.



Architecture and interior design is a practical-based career whose success is determined by creativity, innovation, and real life application. Apart from the entertainment aspect, these video games help stimulate logic and reasoning in solving various life challenges. These video games are must play for architects and interior designers whether as a novice or experienced professionals.


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Pre-order Halo: ODST, unlock Sgt. Avery Johnson

Posted on May 10, 2016  in News, Uncategorized

Pre-ordering Halo 3: ODST at participating retailers will net you a token to unlock Sergeant Johnson as a playable character in the new Firefight mode. Find a list of the participating retailers after the break.

  • US: Amazon, Best Buy, Gamestop, Wal-Mart.
  • France: GAME, FNAC, JV&Co, Virgin, Amazon, Pixmania, Cdiscount, Rue du Commerce
  • Germany: Amazon and Gamestop
  • Italy: Gamestop
  • UK: Game, Gamestation, Amazon, Play