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Blockbuster selling high-end PS3 bundles

Joystiq was sent a tip regarding a new PS3 bundle that Blockbuster is supposedly selling. They head toward s a local blockbuster and found was the image below showing off a PS3 bundle consisting of a 40gb console, Transformers: The GameSpider-Man 3 Blu-ray, PS3 remote, HDMI cable, and a 12-week rental card (which allows you to rent one movie each week), all for $359.99. What makes this such an odd story, however, is that this bundle isn’t offered at every Blockbuster store. Another store had 80gb version of the bundle.

Joystiq then called another nearby chain and quizzed an employee on his store’s bundle. He said that particular store offered a 80gb console, with Transformers: The GameClick Blu-ray, PS3 remote, HMDI cable, and a 12-week rental card, all for $499.99. So, it would seem that each store has a bit of leeway with its bundle package, so we would suggest to call before you head down to the actual store.