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Blizzard files trademark for ‘Cataclysm’

The identity of Blizzard’s unannounced MMO project may have just been revealed. Superannuation recently uncovered a trio of trademarks from the MMO juggernaut, reserving the name “Cataclysm” for use in the fields of computer games, online games and paper-based products. 

Joystiq sister site WoW.com reminded us of a very important point , not all Blizzard trademarks turn into actual games, remember the trademark StarCraft: Ghost? However, they also noticed that the domain name wowcataclysm.com recently expired and is now held by GoDaddy, which handles all of Blizzard’s domains. We probably will have to wait till BlizzCon to find out more on these unannounced MMO. We have more info when we receive it.

[Via Joystiq]

[Via WoW.com]