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Battlefield 1943 will cost only $ 15


Each game fanatic who likes online gaming, and shooters Battlefield next month can enjoy the latest offspring of the Battlefield series: Battlefield 1943. The games developed by DICE and published by EA are always a success. This new game is only on the PlayStation Network (PSN) and XBLA and only $ 15. Translated for European markets is that only € 11.20.  Furthermore, said Gordon Van Dyke, the Producer of Battlefield 1943, still about the game:

“Frost Bite Using the same engine that we developed for Battlefield: Bad Company, we are able to take players back to WWII and return to The Roots of the Battlefield franchise, but with a new twist - destruction. We want to offer gamers the most accessible online shooter experience and the best value found in any premium download title with Battlefield 1943. “